Saturday, January 5, 2008

The "bottomless falsehood" of the Zionist jews

"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists" J.Edgar Hoover - FBI Director.

In case you have digested a mainstream staple-diet of Hollywood Holocaust Snuff propaganda for your developmental life, to take the edge off what may come as a tectonic-plate shift in your construct of world geopolitical reality, in case your propaganda-meme-infested amygdala jerks your knee and convulses your stomach in affect to stop you just sitting straight to objectively absorb this information, I will introduce you first to former Zionist, American patriot whistleblower, Benjamin Freedman and his 1961 speech - A warning to Americans about world Zionism.

First just relax with the words of Bob Marley: "Don't let them fool yah, or even try to school yah". How do you not let them do this?

UPDATE SEptember 11 2008: YoUTube (Google jews) have been raging an unforgivable campaign against free flow of speech and deleting links.
Here it is again, and probably soon to be deleteed once more:


UPDATE 3rd November:
Oh my god! They deleted that link again. The song is One Love by Bob Marley. But here it is again:

The original one had was vewry favela style. Lots of kids skating and shit. It was the bomb. But the jew contollers don't like it. Hopefully this one will stay up.


Lets stay with jewish researchers, some of whom have received death threats from the Zionist mafia for asking questions and speaking the truth as they discovered it:
David Cole: The Truth Behind the Gates of Auschwitz

Now lets look at a documentary from revisionists, all of whom have been persecuted by the Zionist mafia, some murdered in blatant terrorist assassination attacks, and most of them imprisoned simply for publishing writings which question the integrity of their dramatic claims of persecution during WW2:
The Persecution of Revisionists: The Holocaust Unveiled

Now a 20 minute documentary which tries to explain why so many jewish people have been caught up and fooled by this holocaust fabricated history just as non-jews have.

Now a documentary that really puzzled me at first because I didn't realise what it was about and then suddenly half way through the guy jumps on a plane and heads to Auschwitz:
Mr Death The Rise and Fall of Fred A Leuchter Jr.

O.k. now if you want to see the fraudulent stories from a few other concentration camps then click ONE THIRD OF THE HOLOCAUST

What can you do about it? Pass the information on. Try to get people to find the time to spend the above 6-12 hours absorbing the information. That's all you can do right now, so don't stress out like I have for two years.

If you already realise that 9/11 was a false-flag operation, then go and do the research into 9/11 now and look at all the people involved in the key positions affecting the 9/11 events and the cover-up: then you will see an enormous mafia group of dual Israeli/US citizens. Start with CIA director George Tenet - What the hell is a dual Israeli/US citizen doing as Director of the CIA? Then go and look into Sandy Berger who was caught red-handed stealing the Able Danger files from the National Archives just as Senator Curt Weldon was throwing up a storm for the Senate to investigate Able Danger.

Look up the Curt Weldon speeches about it on YouTube. Notice that the mainstream media is being told when and when not to kick up a moral storm about something. The droned, robopathic population have become such that they get all their emotional and morality-based cues off the television. Are you one of them? Are YOU smart enough break free from the matrix of deception?

[UPDATE: Don't bother looking up Curt Weldon on Youtube. YouTube have been running around deleting sensitive videos. But anyways, there are so many video server websites around now, just suffice to say look up [Curt Weldon Able Danger] and so forth. You will find his speeches to the Senate. You just wait!]

There are too many of us to worry about being persecuted for speaking truth right now. But we we must move fast. They are End Gaming.
Warning: Alex Jones avoids explicitly elucidating the Zionist/Jewish identity of this criminal mafia. Have a look at the Israeli lobby group documentaries I have below and then you'll see why he avoids it. That doesn't mean YOU avoid it. Alex Jones is doing his job. We must do ours. This is a united fight with a united goal - LIBERTY AND JUSTICE - but in order that we succeed there are many fronts coming in from every direction to hone down this criminal mass-murdering Zionist mafia.

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Anonymous said...

I am sure you will be arrested soon enough. There is one historical fact we have all agreed is an offense to publically question - The suffering of the jews. The jews must remain seen as always being victims. This way it is an easier task for them to hoard all the world's resources into their own hands while all non-jews lament the poor jews and their victimhoods.