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Controlled Demolition Inc and Larry's "Pull" it

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Post subject: Controlled Demolition Inc and Larry's "Pull" it
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"So they made the decision to *PULL* and then we watched the building come down" [Larry Silverstein]

Has anybody spent time reading Controlled Demolition Inc's website?

I searched for the term PULL to see how they use it--->

Only 4 cases of the word PULL on their website.

Notice in these first two instances the word PULL is bazaarly put in "quotation" marks.
Can anyone proffer why they would accentuate the word "pull" in such a context?

In the same paragraph they also put the term "kicker charges" in quotation marks. This suggests that these terms are vernaculars CD terminology. Kicking is a PUSHING word?

Here look at their use in this paragraph:

The preparation of the structure for implosion could have been approached a number of ways. Following in depth discussions with CABI’s selected preparation/debris removal contractor, NDA Member-Omega Contracting, Inc. of Pompano Beach, Florida, it was decided that CDI could effectively minimize the amount of linear shaped charge explosives to be used in the structure. By torch-cutting splice plates on selected upper columns/floors, and utilizing approximately 3,000 feet of steel-core cable on alternate upper floors to help “pull” the northern and eastern walls away from the fiber optics cables in NE Third Avenue and Biscayne Boulevard.

And again in next paragraph:

Utilizing a total of 137 pounds of linear shaped charges and 50 lbs of dynamite “kicker charges”, CDI worked in only the partial basement to the west, the Lobby Level and 4th floor of the structure. Placed in over 400 locations, the shaped charges were sequentially initiated over a period of 5.4 seconds, working from southwest to northeast through the structure. Following the seemingly endless 2.6 second natural pause in the non-electric initiation system, the structural charges detonated on cue, allowing the southwest wing of the structure to fail first, creating the desired lateral “pull” on the north and east curtain walls

Now, if its not a demolition term then why did they put it in inverted commas?

Insightful, the following two instances of their use of the word PULL is not enclosed in quotation marks and for one case they describe literally adding cables:

Strategically-placed ¾” cables were placed to pull the structure away from the A-1-A Bridge, adjacent to the west end of the structure, as well as away from the sea wall along Haulover Inlet on the north side of the site.

Now in the final and last case of the term PULL:

Small explosions fractured the rigid concrete allowing the structure to buckle and fall. The flexible rebar remained intact, acting like ropes to pull the columns toward the center.

Gravity did most of the work.

One thing I think we can agree on at least is that PULL is a demolition term and that it is used with quotation marks when they are using it as a term to describe the induced effect of well-placed and sequentially timed explosives, such as the implosion effect.

The whole argument here is that NIST deny that WTC7 was brought down in a controlled fashion. They posit that it collapsed without interference and that this symmetry of collapse was pure fluke of nature. Of course, NIST are yet to publish their report on this miracle as of May 2007.

Also, Popular Mechanics, which is seen as NIST's little propaganda helper, have also denied there is any reason to think that WTC7's collapse was controlled somehow and Popular Mechanics have gone further to deny that Larry Silverstein's comments "We made made the decision to PULL and then we watched the building collapse" is a reference to a decision to bring the building down deliberately. They deny this by incredibly claiming "that the demolition companies we spoke to have never heard of the term PULL before".

Incredibly, despite all the evidence to the contrary, including LIVE witness testimonies that they saw foundation explosions, heard thundering claps preceding the global collapse of the building, and that they were told by firemen that the building was going to be "brought down", was going to "Blow up" - also caught on LIVE video policemen and firemen saying it!! Incredibly, NIST and their public puppies Popular Mechanics, deny it.

This is why 9/11 Truthers refer to WTC7 collapse as the Smoking Gun. Because we have them in a corner, we have proof they are lying, and we can collect our evidence and records of NIST publicly LYING about these issues. Deny. Deflect. Defer.

These two video compilations will bring anyone up to speed on NIST and Popular Mechanics lies regarding WTC7:

NIST Denies Molten Metal at WTC

100% Evidence that Popular Mechanics are LIARS


Now believe it or not, many people on Youtube and other forums still defend NIST and Popular Mechanic's lies. It often seems that no matter how bloody and warm the evidence you slap them around with, they will never come to admit the fact that their government is LYING about 9/11!!!
Paid schills or miraculous denialism?


More on Controlled Demolition Inc

I think its valuable for people to read the following from CD Inc's website:

Sheikh A. Alakl Residential and Commercial Center
Jeddah, Saudia Arabia
Over the last 52 years, Controlled Demolition Incorporated has designed and used explosives to cause the controlled, progressive failure of thousands of brick, concrete and steel structures. It comes as no surprise that Controlled Demolition Incorporated’s database is highly useful in analyzing the condition of, and designing the implosion sequence for the demolition of structural systems damaged by construction failure, earthquakes, fires or explosions.

Half of the 17-story Sheikh A. Alakl Apartment Building in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia collapsed when portions of the new reinforced concrete facility were overloaded during final stages of construction. At the request of Bechtel, Controlled Demolition Incorporated’s team mobilized to the site in less than 24 hours, prepared the central-core, flat slab, reinforced concrete structure in another 27 hours and put the balance of the building on the ground with absolute safety just 96 hours after the start of demolition preparations. The "arm’s-length" nature of Controlled Demolition Incorporated’s operations, combined with our in-house engineering, rapid response capabilities and international network of resources make Controlled Demolition Incorporated the natural choice in dealing with structural emergencies, worldwide.

Colonia Roma
Mexico City, Mexico
After the 1985 earthquake, Controlled Demolition Incorporated (CDI) was called to Mexico City by the US Department of State to assist local authorities in the demolition of structures that were still standing despite severe structural damage. Controlled Demolition Incorporated’s in-house engineering capabilities and field analysis of the structural damage permits rapid demolition design. Minimal preparations required by Controlled Demolition Incorporated, combined with the stand-off nature of implosion activities makes Controlled Demolition Incorporated’s emergency response services the safest means of handling structures distressed by or rendered dynamic as a result of seismic events.

Controlled Demolition Incorporated's team managed over 400 employees of four Mexico City-based general contractors to prepare several structures for implosion simultaneously. Controlled Demolition Incorporated demolished 26 structures for the Mexican People, sometimes as many as 4 in 1 day in various parts of the shattered city. Working in the local language, Controlled Demolition Incorporated's team felled hanging structures that threatened rescue efforts, pulled leaning structures away from occupied buildings without a single injury to workers or contractors who supported our effort.

Alfred P. Murrah Federal Buildings
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Controlled Demolition Incorporated’s team coordinated with rescue and body retrieval efforts by authorities, salvaged evidence for the FBI’s investigation, prepared the building for implosion, and completed the demolition sequence in a continuous work program. Controlled Demolition Incorporated is equipped to work closely with governmental agencies under complex project scenarios that demand professionalism and attention to detail while working under difficult site, political and emotional conditions.

Cuneo Press Buildings
Chicago, Illinois
Under extreme political constraints and critical deadlines, Controlled Demolition Incorporated (CDI) was selected by the City of Chicago to work with a traditional demolition contractor to clear the site. In a fast track operation that involved the participation of a multitude of city agencies walking the edge of their specific mandates, Controlled Demolition Incorporated was able to prepare and fell the structures with absolute safety to adjacent interstate routes, rail lines, city streets and river retaining walls which were already vulnerable because of pre-existing damage.

But wait, there is more---->
Controlled Demolition Inc WORLD RECORDS

Seattle Kingdome
Seattle, Washington, USA
Record: The world's largest structure, by volume (19.821 million cu. m.), to be demolished by explosives.

J.L. Hudson Department Store
Detroit, Michigan, USA
Records: At 439 ft. tall Hudson’s is the tallest building & the tallest structural steel building ever imploded. At 2.2 million square feet, Hudson's is the largest single building ever imploded.

Villa Panamericana & Las Orquideas
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Record: The most buildings shot in a single implosion sequence.

Omega Radio Tower
Trelew, Argentina
Record: At 1201' 5", the tallest manmade structure ever felled with explosives.

But wait!!! There is even more:
Controlled Demolition Inc were subcontracted by Tully Construction at Ground Zero. And yet no mention of that work on their website???


The following is a hard to find article on the public internet. Lifted from the New York Law Journal during its publication month be submerging back under the private web domain:

By Sam Weisberg
New York Law Journal
October 4, 2006
Having outgrown its 400,000 square feet quarters at
99 Church Street, Moody's Corporation has agreed
to lease 15 floors, containing 600,000 square feet,
at 7 World Trade Center. The lease, the biggest so
far this year in Manhattan, is for 20 years and will
secure the 11th through 26th floors. All of Moody's
approximately 1,500 New York employees are
expected to relocate to the new premises by August
The new space will serve as headquarters for
Moody's, which has 2,900 employees in 22 countries
and revenues of about $1.7 billion. The offices and
conference rooms, still under construction, will be
used by financial analysts and other staff from the
parent corporation and from Moody's Investors
Service. Meanwhile, Moody's expected to put 99
Church Street on the market.
The 52-story tower 7 World Trade Center, formally known as 250 Greenwich Street, has been attracting a
wide range of tenants. The building has an advanced plumbing system that reduces water consumption by
30 percent; its lights dim according to the amount of natural sunlight; and its air conditioning units provide
more centralized and less expensive cooling ("Marketplace," NYLJ, Aug. 30). Moody's will share the building
with Darby & Darby, Ameriprise Financial, the publishing firm Mansuetto and the New York Academy of
Sciences. A little more than half the available space has been leased.
Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson partner Jonathan Mechanic and associates Michael J. Rhee
and Michael Gurary represented Moody's.
Wallace L. Schwartz, a partner at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, along with counsel Adam
M. Endick and associate Eleni Larcombe, represented landlord and building owner Silverstein Properties

Cushman & Wakefield vice president John Cefaly and executive vice president Gus Field were brokers for
Moody's along with Ed Donnery. Stephen B. Siegel and Simon Wasserberger of CB Richard Ellis served as
brokers for the landlord, as did Roger A. Silverstein of Silverstein Properties. Asking rents are $41.50 per
square foot.


I am going to post the original photocopy of this article up at because they allow attachments.

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